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In keeping up with the pre-code films exploration, I decided to sit down with Danny Reid at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Hollywood California. Danny runs Pre-Code.com, a website “Celebrating Pre-Code Hollywood Cinema,” a wild time in film history before the boot of censorship came down on the studios. We talk about what makes these films interesting, what films to look out for, as well as the experience at the TCM Film Fest. This is only part of the TCM Film Fest coverage I am doing. Also check out my Pre-Code Blogathon conversation about race representation in cinema, as well as my TCM Film Fest Wrap Up:

thin man book

Also, Danny Reid is the editor of a self published collection of writings on the wonderful series The Thin Man. I decided to order myself a copy from Amazon and, wouldn’t you know it, I have some other friends who also worked on it, including an essay from fellow Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit member Tars Tarkas and the cover design by none other than my buddy Wallace McBride, who runs the fantastic Dark Shadows website known as CollinsportHistoricalSociety.com. I love this job! Get yourself a copy of this book if you love The Thin Man (and even if you don’t because you should), but in the meantime, on with the show!

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