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#135: The Importance of Horror Events with Crypticon Seattle!

As a horror event organizer myself, it's nice to talk to other people who do some of the same crazy things I do. It's like joining brothers and sister in combat in a weird sort of way. It is a combat that we love and dedicate ourselves to, but it can seem like combat nonetheless. But why all the passion and hard work? What makes an event dedicated to bringing fans of horror together so important to us? That is exactly what I brought my guests together to answer. eric and lorelei Eric Morgret is programming the film festival at the horror convention known as Crypticon Seattle, and Lorelei Shannon is behind this year's panel programming. Both of them are responsible for a large chunk of the content that Crypticon Seattle is bringing to the Pacific Northwest on Memorial Day Weekend, so I knew they would be great to talk to about the enterprise of horror convention organizing. Please join us in our conversation, and plan to attend if you can! May 22nd to 24th, 2015 at Seattle Hilton!
Also, follow the convention on social media!
Twitter:  @crypticon
Instagram: crypticonseattle

SAVE THE DATE! Horrible Imaginings Film Fest 2015!

HIFFSD Save the DateImage created by Bang Zoom Pow!  
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#134: Bringing Terror Back with Gehenna's Hiroshi Katagiri

IMGM2310Hiroshi Katagiri is a special effects artist who has worked in Hollywood for the last quarter century. His resume includes "Jurassic Park III," "War of the Worlds," and "The Hunger Games." As with many artists, though, Katagiri has the passion and drive to apply his artistic abilities to his own creative projects. After creating a series of horror short films, he is now in the middle of trying to get a frightening new horror feature off the ground. The feature is called "Gehenna: Where Death Lives," and it is nearing the end of its fundraising efforts on Kickstarter.

I have to say something here. As a podcaster and film festival director, I get A LOT of requests--and I mean several daily--from people asking me to help them promote their crowdsourcing campaigns. I love to help creatives find a new source of funding, but I have to really get picky about my choices or this show will just be a mouthpiece for Kickstarter--something I have zero intention of happening. That being said, I wanted to talk to Katagiri because I think his project looks very interesting and because I believe he has the skill to pull off a great horror film. He is dead set on using practical effects, something I am a huge proponent of. 



So, no, I am not being paid or otherwise bribed by Hiroshi Katagiri. I think Gehenna looks awesome and completely deserves our support! He has Doug Jones on board as a creature actor, so we should all get extra excited! Click on the image to help produce Gehenna: Where Death Lives!


Hiroshi Katagiri's short films




See the making of Doug Jones's puppet body:



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#133: TCM's Noralil Fores On Bringing Classic Film Into the 21st Century

Hello everyone! This is my final podcast from the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival from Hollywood. It has been an incredible experience at my third year of TCM Film Fest, not the least because of the wonderful people I've had the privilege of meeting and befriending along the way! You can hear me talk to many of those friends in my other podcasts, which you can listen to here: 



In today's episode, I talk to another person I'm happy to call my friend. Her name is Noralil Fores, and she is the social media coordinator for Turner Classic Movies. She has been instrumental in the top notch TCM has done at building relationships with their fans. She has also been wonderful in helping our podcast get access to the TCM Film Festival! 

Because TCM has been so wonderful with social media, I decided to talk to Noralil about the role that plays in bringing classic film to a newer and younger 21st century audience. Our conversation was awesome, and I know you will all enjoy it so much! That about take care of my #TCMFF podcast block for this year. I'm already counting the seconds until next year! 

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#132: Naughty 30s with's Danny Reid at TCM Classic Film Festival

In keeping up with the pre-code films exploration, I decided to sit down with Danny Reid at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Hollywood California. Danny runs, a website "Celebrating Pre-Code Hollywood Cinema," a wild time in film history before the boot of censorship came down on the studios. We talk about what makes these films interesting, what films to look out for, as well as the experience at the TCM Film Fest. This is only part of the TCM Film Fest coverage I am doing. Also check out my Pre-Code Blogathon conversation about race representation in cinema, as well as my TCM Film Fest Wrap Up:

thin man book

Also, Danny Reid is the editor of a self published collection of writings on the wonderful series The Thin Man. I decided to order myself a copy from Amazon and, wouldn't you know it, I have some other friends who also worked on it, including an essay from fellow Mysterious Order of the Skeleton Suit member Tars Tarkas and the cover design by none other than my buddy Wallace McBride, who runs the fantastic Dark Shadows website known as I love this job! Get yourself a copy of this book if you love The Thin Man (and even if you don't because you should), but in the meantime, on with the show!