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I am feeling a little like Clint Eastwood in the Good, the Bad, and The Ugly after Eli Wallach has dragged him through the desert, only, instead of being sleep and food deprived from that ordeal I feel exhausted from the sheer rapture that was the 2015 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival. Just as with last year’s wonderful event, I have a podcast wrap up here for you. Don’t forget, though, to check out my other TCMFF-inspired episodes that just went online. One is about the 1940 scifi classic Dr. Cyclops and the other is a look at race representation in film using pre-code films as a social benchmark. That last one is part of the Pre-Code Blogathon that is being put on by Shadows and Satin, as well as Pre-Code.com

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And now for what you’ll find in episode 131! I got a small collection of memories from a number of my #TCMParty fans. You can learn more about that group in the episode, but the people you will hear from include:



@NitrateDiva (follow her blog)





Click on the links to follow them on Twitter. They are all great! At the same party, I was joined by @WillMcKinley to discuss his various thoughts about the 2015 festival. Will has several unique perspectives that are worth listening to. Follow him too, and do yourself a favor and read his blog Cinematically Insane.

The last part of the episode is a discussion I have with KPBS Arts and Culture reporter Beth Accomando, @Cinebeth on Twitter, who writes the Cinema Junkie blog, as well as our friend Bill about the films we watched. It is our personal wrap-up that we do in the car on the sad drive from Hollywood to San Diego. My hope is that you will use our conversation to discover some classic films. They may be old, but if you haven’t seen them before they are new! Keep listening to the show–more classic film goodness to come!

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