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Find out why the words, “Let’s make a lesbian vampire movie” led to something totally unexpected. Find out why I desperately want my next car to be a Russian Volga! It’s all in this episode of the Horrible Imaginings Podcast! 


Mauricio Chernovetzky, co-director of Styria aka Angels of Darkness, joins me to talk about his Horrible Imaginings alumnus film on the cusp of its release on the Showtime network on Sunday, March 1st! We discuss the title, the Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu novella “Carmilla” on which the film is based, the themes it explores, the nature of the vampire myth, and more! If you love vampires, Gothic tales, or filmmaking this episode is for you! 

angels of darkness

If you are in San Diego, March is the month of the San Diego Latino Film Festival! Horrible Imaginings is involved in the programming of the UN MUNDO EXTRANO sidebar, as well as a short film block. Chernovetzky’s newest short film DOS GATOS will be part of that block. I hope you will join me in welcoming the films at 22nd annual San Diego Latino Film Festival!

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