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Monster Island Resort Podcast Unites with Horrible Imaginings for The Horrible Podcast!

It had to happen eventually! Monster Island Resort had to become part of the all-consuming Horrible Imaginings Film Festival juggernaut! And so it shall be. My friends, we are rebranding! The 124th episode of your favorite online radio show that goes bump in the night will be part of the all-new HORRIBLE PODCAST! More contributing creators! More interviews! More stories! More guests! The old website will still be available for the time being, but you can get the full archive of episodes by clicking the image below. I hope you continue to learn and grow with us as we delve ever deeper into the world of horror in history, art, literature, film, and beyond! 

horrible podcastThe Horrible Podcast Episode 124 will go live on Sunday, November 30th! Be ready!


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