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Archive for November 2014


Reminder! Horrible Imaginings Director Miguel Rodriguez On TCM Tomorrow!

Set your TVs to TCM Tomorrow for the First Fan Favorites Programming!

Hello everyone! Just a reminder to tune into the only television channel that really matters--Turner Classic Movies--tomorrow starting at 12:30pm EST/ 9:30pm PST for the first ever Fan Favorites programming block. TCM, ever the gracious and fan friendly network, is experimenting with allowing fans to program films, complete with interviews on the air with host Ben Mankiewicz! San Diego Horror film festival director Miguel Rodriguez is one of the people handpicked to participate!


The requested theme was the holiday season, so Miguel chose the scifi horror "The Thing from Another World!" Joining him in the Fan Favorites programming block are fellow TCM Party members Aurora Bugallo, Paula Guthat, and Joel Williams. Aurora's Choice, the musical "Meet Me in St. Louis" will air first at 12:30/9:30 PST with her introduction, Paula's selection Bob Hope comedy "The Lemon Drop Kid" will air at 2:30/11:30 PST, followed by Miguel's appearance with "The Thing From Another World" at 4:15/1:15pm PST, and it will all wrap with Joel Williams and his pick, the western "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" at 6/3pm PST!  

If you are wondering why Miguel picked "The Thing from Another World," tune in to TCM to hear his conversation with Mr. Mankiewicz! You are urged to join the gang on Twitter, where each person will host a special tweetalong of their respective films, using the hashtag #TCMParty. It's like watching the films with classic film lovers from around the globe! Let's all show TCM how much we appreciate their excellence in fan outreach and make this a great day for everyone! Plus--movies! 

See you on the internets!


Horrible Imaginings Podcast Episode #125: Sinbad The Fifth Voyage with Director Shahin Sean Solimon

Hello friends and neighbors all over the world! This is the launching of the newly-rebranded Horrible Imaginings Podcast! We are continuing the episode numbers from where we left off with Monster Island Resort Podcast, so all those episodes are still available online. The great content will be the same, just the name is different. I hope we continue to improve!

For today, we are going to look at a legendary and ancient character, born of Persia, whose has held the entire world captive. I speak of the character of Sinbad.

Sinbad picture

 In this episode:

I read an excerpt from the original Arabian Nights stories of Sinbad and talk about his place in culture.

Discuss the new independent film Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage with the creator Shahin Sean Solimon of Giant Flick Pictures.

I hope you enjoy this look into the past and future of a classic character! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The film hits VOD starting December 2nd! Check out their Facebook page here!

Horrible Imaginings Podcast opening music by Eric Elick Music! We are thrilled to be adding more collaborators to the show as episodes go on!EEM



#124 Monster Island Resort Archive and Re-Branding!


Monster Island Resort Podcast Unites with Horrible Imaginings for The Horrible Podcast!

It had to happen eventually! Monster Island Resort had to become part of the all-consuming Horrible Imaginings Film Festival juggernaut! And so it shall be. My friends, we are rebranding! The 124th episode of your favorite online radio show that goes bump in the night will be part of the all-new HORRIBLE PODCAST! More contributing creators! More interviews! More stories! More guests! The old website will still be available for the time being, but you can get the full archive of episodes by clicking the image below. I hope you continue to learn and grow with us as we delve ever deeper into the world of horror in history, art, literature, film, and beyond! 

horrible podcastThe Horrible Podcast Episode 124 will go live on Sunday, November 30th! Be ready!