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Were you too late to get a ticket to see the movies? We’ll still have some things in the lobby of the Digital Gym Cinema for you to see! Drop by to see the following terrifying presentations from horror-inspired artists and thinkers!

The Carnivorous Plants of Allyson Long!

Carniverous Plants

Allyson Long will have her terrarium of carnivorous plants on display throughout the festival! See what fascinating species of flora sustain themselves on the bodies of smaller life forms! 
“Typically we are not afraid of plants, but humans love to project their own fears onto other life-forms. That we can do with plants, seemingly the most passive and unfrightening of life-forms on earth is obvious by just examining some of our more popular horror movies.”  –The Savage Garden by Peter D’Amato

The Zombie-Proof Architecture of Wilson Le!


Wilson Le, a student of architecture, decided to base his project around architecture plans that are specifically designed to thwart a zombie apocalypse. See what kinds of planning he has in mind! This is a perfect display for Friday Zombie Night, but it will be available to see all weekend long! 


The Otherworldly Sculpture of Jason Hite (Sunday Only!)hite sculpture

Artist Jason Hite, whose wonderful stop-motion short film Stasis will be screening on Sunday, will be displaying his work on Sunday ONLY! Please stop by to see his incredible creations! Even if the theater sells out for Sunday, his work will be available to see for the general public.  

From his website: 

“There are so many things I see, feel, and think about that push me to make the odd, strange things that I make. A major theme I subsist from is technology and machines. We live in a world full of so much potential for great technological success, as well as, disastrous failure. Our reliance on machines for everyday life is delicate and flawed. Most of us don’t even realize this until something is broken or down. Ever lose the Internet for a day or two at home? I feel a strange void where it used to be whenever that happens, like a part of me is missing. Blast my addiction! I constantly ask myself, what technology will be like 20-50 years from now? These thoughts and questions usually bring my attention to sculpture.”


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