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Neuroscientist and zombie enthusiast Bradley Voytek will talk to us about the new book he wrote with his colleague Timothy Verstynen, in which they apply neuroscience to the world of zombies! 

In each chapter, the authors draw on zombie popular culture and identify a characteristic zombie behavior that can be explained using neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and brain-behavior relationships. Through this exploration they shed light on fundamental neuroscientific questions such as: How does the brain function during sleeping and waking? What neural systems control movement? What is the nature of sensory perception?

Walking an ingenious line between seriousness and satire, Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?leverages the popularity of zombie culture in order to give readers a solid foundation in neuroscience.

Thanks to Seth Marko and the UC San Diego Bookstore for making copies of the book available at this event! Get yours signed!



Bradley VoytekBRADLEY VOYTEK is an Assistant Professor of Computational Cognitive Science and Neuroscience at UC San Diego. Although he does “real” neuroscience research, you’re not here for that stuff. You’re here because of his zombie “research”. Brad is an award-winning advisor for the Zombie Research Society, and this whole zombie thing has been ridiculously popular. It’s been covered by numerous respected media outlets such as National Geographic, Wired, and even the American Academy of Neurology for some reason. His TED-Ed videos about the zombie brain have over a quarter million views.

Y’all are CRAZY.

In his real research, Brad uses a cross-disciplinary approach including neurophysiology, computational modeling, large-scale data analytics, and brain-machine interfacing to understand cognition; to understand how the brain talks to itself.

There are a lot of PhDs out there who try to use science to sell their BS. I like to say that this whole zombie brain thing is my way of using BS to sell science. (Bio from Amazon.com)


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