2014 Horrible Imaginings Local Spotlight Film: Damsels!

2014, SAN DIEGO LOCAL SPOTLIGHT, Damsels poster7 mins

Damsels: Four women meet through the course of the zombie apocalypse and decide to stick together to survive. Filmed in one weekend on a very low budget, Damsels is the efforts of a dedicated group of San Diego State University students and crew volunteers with a passion for zombies, blood, and making films.


is a writer/director from San Diego, California with a passion for science fiction, fantasy and horror. He is a graduate of the Television, Film, and New Media program from San Diego State University and a self proclaimed movie and television buff. He loves to create stories and characters that are a bit outside the societal norm and strives to give strong roles for both female and male actors alike. His ultimate goal is to create his own television series.