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2013, United Kingdom, 6 mins, IN 3-D!

black spot 2

After his car breaks down on a lonely country road, Paul walks through a wet melancholic landscape before chancing upon another car, but one which is ironically also broken down. Here Paul will face fear, pain and suffering, yet also a chance to redeem himself of his recent actions.

Shot with a £28 Aiptek 3D camcorder, which had scathing reviews dismissing it as as “nothing more than a toy”, Black Spot was conceived as a narrative test for the capabilities of the 3D camera and as a result was made with a very minimal budget.

I was deliberately aiming for a trashy, bleak 70s horror feel, a bit grindhouse but without the now cliched scratched prints and tongue in cheek aspect, but also something that feels a bit more 70s Brit horror, like Deathline or something like that.

The film was shot at the bottom of the South Downs near Poynings and Fulking, with additional shooting at a flat on Brighton seafront.



Black Spot

Luther Bhogal Jones headshotDIRECTOR LUTHER BHOGAL-JONES: 
Originally hailing from Sutton-In-Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, Luther Bhogal-Jones has been making films for over half of his life. With only a college qualification behind him, he is mostly self taught in film making, learning more with each project he undertakes. His initial works after college were short films focussing on relationships, small slices of life that in some cases were painful, in other cases comedic. All of these were shot in the city of Nottingham where he had moved.

After making several shorts he decided to raise his game by making an ambitious no budget feature film with a large ensemble cast, shot over a variety of locations in the city. With no funding and shooting taking place on Sundays and evenings the shoot was a long drawn out affair, so long that cast and crew members left the project over the course of making it. With dwindling money and support, the filming was halted with around 85% of the film shot. 
Following a move to Brighton and then to Sompting in West Sussex, a very long period passed with a painfully slow post production. Raising funds to edit the film took several years and finding collaborators to work for free on key areas of the film was a frustrating process, especially as these collaborators would also drop out of the project. Eventually, following a re-editing process the film was eventually released online in March 2013, receiving favourable attention for Luther’s dogged determination to see the film through to the end. 
During this period Luther returned to making short films, firstly with the psychologicalcomicbooknoir drama The Crunch, a melancholic coastal drama Stranded and Goodnight, Halloween – a fantasy thriller still in post production. Despite a love of horror cinema, he had not attempted anything horror based since early college films, but felt a desire to concentrate on making horror shorts. His short film Creak, released online in 2012 was extremely well received by horror bloggers worldwide, leading to the current short films Black Spot and Knock Knock (currently shooting.) Luther plans to return to feature films in the near future, with several horror themed features in development.


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