2014 Horrible Imaginings Films: Las Cosas Raras (The Weird Things)

2014, Argentina, 8 mins

las cosas

LAS COSAS RARAS (The Weird Things) is a short film that utilizes the tropes of the horror genre and the subgenre of the babysitter in peril and turns them on their head. 


Pilar Boyle: Julia

Celeste Monsu: Mercedes

Ariel Moyano: Javier


las cosas raras

561364_10151134132980530_1258665537_n DIRECTOR MAXIMO CARRA: Máximo Carrá is an Argentine filmmaker born in 1987, and has a multicultural background due to his international schooling at Lincoln School in Argentina, He studied film making a Centro de Investigaciones Cinematograficas. A cinephile since very young, he always appreciated the horror genre, The Weird Things is his first foray into this genre and he is already working on many other projects. His previous works can be found on his Vimeo page. https://vimeo.com/maximocarra