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2013, USA, 8 mins


Found alone and near death, a hiker is rushed to a remote Texas ranch house for aid. An emergency airlift is on it’s way, but as her rescuers will soon find out, some things are better left lost.

Fun Facts:

Drastic Measures was shot over two days in Austin, Texas.

The short was a one-camera shoot, shot on a Canon 5D Mark III.

It was filmed over an incredibly hot weekend, even for Texas. Temperatures outside reached 106°F on the first day of filming. With the air conditioning turned off during takes to capture clear sound, combined with the heat from the studio lights, it was a brutally hot set. The cast and crew were remarkably game through both days, despite the heat.

The lesion effects were created and applied by the director using a combination of red lipstick, fake blood and clear gelatin. Later, in After Effects, she added the parasitic skin distortions and eye changes.


Carrie H. Stephens: Sarah

Les Best: The Doctor

Julio Antonio Alonzo: Memo

William John Daley: Jesse

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Wound Effect

Director_DP Christine Carstairs, Camera operator Jonathan Grigg

DIRECTOR CHRISTINE CARSTAIRS: Writer and director Christine Carstairs first started in film working as a grip and camera operator on student films and independent music videos in her home province of Alberta, Canada. After a brief break, during which she immigrated to the United States, she picked right back up where she left off in her new home state of Texas. 

After directing two music videos for the band ‘Before Dawn’, Christine then produced and acted as the director of photography for the short film ‘The Spell Book’, which was subsequently selected to screen at the 19th Annual Austin Film Festival. She recently wrote and directed her first narrative work ‘Drastic Measures’, a sci-fi horror short film.


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