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2014, USA, 13 mins

The Wyatt

When a drunken pickup from a sports bar wakes up to find himself in Reddick’s garage, he thinks he’s in for a casual gay encounter.  But soon Reddick recognizes his hookup and realizes they have a shared secret…a secret he’s been waiting 15 years to reveal…


Stephen Twardokus (An American Ghost Story)




SONY DSCDIRECTOR MARK BESSENGER doesn’t have veins. He has strips of celluloid running through his body. Mark began his love of cinema when his mother went into labor in the lobby of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO. Mark has long maintained that he was trying to get out so he could see the movie, too. His love of films continued with cherished evenings spent at his local drive-in theater. Leaving Columbia College Chicago’s film department with a Masters Degree specializing in screenwriting and a headfull of horror movie trivia that might send the producers of “Jeopardy” into bankruptcy, Mark has written and directed several features and shorts and updates his Facebook page every day with trailers on his Internet Drive-In Theater. Gay independents, comedies, and horror films are is main loves, and he hopes to continue making movies that will give shivers (although of differing kinds) to his audiences.


“Ninja Zombie” (1992, feature)

“Rhapsody” (1994, feature)

“Bite Marks” (2011, feature)


“The Last Straight Man” (2014, feature)

“The Wyatt” (2014, short)

“Confessions” (2015, feature)


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