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2013, United Kingdom, 8 mins

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When Sebastian brings home Cassandra he thinks he has found perfection. The fact that she is dead is only the first indication that perfection is rarely, if ever, attained. 


Alex Hughes: Sebastian

Natasha Staples: Cassandra

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DIRECTOR PHIL HAINE AND WRITER MARK A.C. BROWN: Somebody To Love is Mark and Phil’s fourth film together. They are the founding members of the award winning Braine Hownd Films and have previously worked together on the shorts Stalker as well as The Empty Chair and Beard. They have had their films screened at Cannes where Phil’s short horror comedy I Am Lonely won the Cannes SFC/NFB Canada Best Short Contest. THey have also had films at Raindance (UK), Shudderfest (Boston), Wet Your Pants Comedy Festival (Indianapolis), Florida Sea Breeze, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Romania and much more. 


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