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2012, Portugal, 29 mins

The Headless Nun Poster

A thief meets the maker of the Universe at the back room of a gas station. Narrated by Patrick Carlin, brother of George Carlin!


Patrick Carlin: Narrator

Miguel Sa Pessoa: The Thief

Samuel Anderson: The Clerk

Birdie the Rat: The Rat


 headless nun

Nuno Sá Pessoa 1


“I’m passionate for art, playing with emotions and reactions, making others
feel what I feel, creating an eternal fountain of thoughts and sensations…
Cinema is the art of arts, the fusion of all the others…”

Born on may 7 1987 in Lisbon, he was raised into a Portuguese family of artists, this fact helped to stimulate his creative instinct early on in life. After finishing high-school where he focused on languages and humanities, he decided to pursue the study of that which was his passion, cinema. He began university at Universidade Moderna de Lisboa enrolling in the Cinema and Television course, the experience was short as he became disappointed and
left the course before the end of his first year.

Determined to expand his horizons he went to Denmark where he graduated from The European Film College, an experience which got him in contact with his colleagues multiple cultures from around the world, it was there he met for the first time one of the personalities who marked him the most, Stanley Kubrick’s producer and brother-in-law, Jan Harlan. Upon graduating he went back to Portugal, where he directed his first
independent work which was shown in France. Two feature length documentaries directed by Californian director Kenneth Payton followed, he did both cinematography and editing, the latest took him for more than once to California where he edited a total of three feature length

It was also in California that he did the cinematography for a documentary series directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton (WALKING DEAD; SONS OF ANARCHY; BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), a project which got him to know the state as few have the chance to know. He eventually invited his former colleagues Kris Skovmand and Samuel Anderson to move to Portugal from their native countries, Denmark and USA respectively, and start a production company named Skookum Films.

With the company he directed the short film The Headless Nun, an international collaboration narrated by Patrick Carlin, George Carlin’s brother, festivals where it received awards. He also directed an experimental music short film starring the New York duo Tribal Baroque, formed by musicians Thoth and Lila Angelique. He then began the first partnership with actor João Craveiro, directing the short film Bílis Negra, which besides João Craveiro, it also stars Tobias Monteiro and Paulo Duarte Ribeiro.

A new adventure overseas followed, after meeting Brazilian filmmakers Maria Emília de Azevedo and Zeca Pires at a film festival in Lisbon, he was invited to edit Maria Emília´s short film Passagens in Florianópolis, Brazil. It was there that he directed the Brazilian-Portuguese short film A Lagoa, a new partnership with actor João Craveiro who wrote and starred on the film produced by Maria Emília de Azevedo.

Upon finishing The Lagoon he moved back to Portugal where he shot a science fiction short film which he wrote and directed, Earth 2084 starring Fernando Luís, João Craveiro and Ulisses Ceia. It is between Brazil, Portugal and California that he presently works on his new projects, keeping his philosophy that in both art and the world, there are no frontiers.

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