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2014, Canada, 6 mins

forty one poster

“Forty One” is a classic horror short, brimming with disturbing entities and uncertain fates. A creepy heritage building houses dark secrets, and decades of mysterious disappearances… but from where does the evil originate? Who is the living, and who is not? And why? It’s a twisted tale of the innocent and guilty, the strange and curious, where the mystery unfolds and refolds like an origami of the unknown. Enter “Forty One,” if you dare.

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Jaqueline Ryan: Blonde Woman

Rick Harkness: Laundry Man

Daniel Bruce: Man on Phone

Arianna Ryan: Girl in Dress

Ken Petry: Ghost in the Hall

Kylie Chen-Thompson: Girl on Tricycle


Forty One

Rick Harkness HeadshotDIRECTOR AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER RICK HARKNESS started in the entertainment industry in the late 70’s, working as a professional magician and aspiring musician. The last six years working as a signed, principle actor to Lucas Talent Inc., one of the oldest and most established artist management companies in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He worked directly on set with Ang Lee on the Life of Pi, and supplied Motion Capture at EA Labs for the summer blockbusters, Hercules, The Giver and Night at the Museum 3. Directing, producing and acting, along with his experience in Information Technology and Marketing for the last 25 years, provides the perfect complement for lending his talents to other who wish to collaborate on film projects.  Please feel free to connect at www.rickharkness.com for more information.

Photo by Andrew Gerard

Photo by Andrew Gerard

CO-DIRECTOR MARC BOILY cut his cinematic teeth in the world of music, having directed several music videos and two music documentaries. Using the impressionistic visuals and tones those experiences provided, he decided to direct a tense and atmospheric horror film about the concept of evil. FORTY ONE is the result of that effort. He is now working on his second film. 


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