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Scott Paulson

Scott Paulson is an award-winning soundscape artist who has been heard on radio, television, and film. His performance ensemble, the Teeny-Tiny Pit Orchestra, provides live music and sounds for silent film screenings, ballet productions, radio dramas, operas, and theatrical productions.

At many of his live shows, Paulson asks the audience to assist: Strike a thundersheet! Use exotic wooden birdcalls! Roll out an elegant harp glissando! Play a Theremin, if you dare! In addition to his slapstick and experimental music activities,

Paulson is an orchestral oboist, and also is the University Carillonneur at UC San Diego, performing live on Geisel Library’s rooftop chimes. (Yes, he takes song requests!) Scott is the Exhibits & Events Coordinator at the UC San Diego Library, for which he founded and directs various festivals: The Short Attention Span Chamber Music Series, the annual Toy Piano Festival, The Not-So-Silent Film Festival, and a Paper Theatre Festival.

For this year’s Horrible Imaginings, YOU will provide the soundscape for:


1920, Germany, 44 mins

Directed by the Legendary Robert Wiene (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)


Fern Andra: Genuine

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