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The end isn’t near, it’s here! A devastating virus is spreading around the globe, killing all adults, and infecting millions of children at an epidemic rate. The infected transform into zombies who crave human flesh. Now surviving kids must fight to stay alive by slaying this growing population of flesh eating corpses.

Shooting was spread out over a few months during weekends. Locales were all within San Diego, including Logan Heights, Santee, Downtown and La Jolla. 

Originally we started this project as a short film. After a moderate film festival circuit run, including Famous Monsters Film Fest and Scream Factory’s Mini-Movie Massacre Horror Short Contest, we decided to expand it into a web series in order to reach a larger audience.

This endeavor has been self financed, with all the acting roles filled by volunteered talent. Much of the expenses have been feeding the crew, make-up supplies, and some minimal crew positions. 

The original short film had a crew of approximately 20 people. The webisodes were handled by a crew of just 3, Carl, Jeffrey and Yoni Baker. Occasionally some of the talent from the series, and the parents of those children, would help out on set as well. 

Except for the park location from the original short film, acquired with the help of Kathy McCurdy from the San Diego Film Commission, all other locations were generously donated, or captured guerrilla-style.


For this first season of the web series, the cast differs per webisode. Each story is a stand alone episode, some of which will be separated into multiple parts when released online. Each is titled for the day in which it takes place, starting from the day of the virus outbreak.

Day 57 has been our biggest cast of main characters, which is made up of Max Baroudi (Marco), Emma Rose (Emma), Trinity Martinez (Shilo), Brandon Monroe (Carter), Colin Baumberger (Will) and Fara Fletcher (Fletch). We had such a fun time working with all of these talented kids, they were all so great.

 5thGZS Set Photo 002

5thGZS Set Photo 001

CO-DIRECTOR CARL SMITH (writer, producer, director) – A native to California, born and raised in San Diego. Attended some Community College, has dabbled in various film projects here and there over the years. Day job, Special Needs Caregiver of two brothers.

CO-DIRECTOR JEFFREY MCLAURIN (writer, producer, director) – Stems from North Carolina, graduated from UNCG with a BA in film, made the move to California in 2008 to pursue work in film. Day job, TRC Test Team at Sony Computer Entertainment.

Rather than continue to work on others projects, both Carl and Jeffrey decided to team up and pursue something of their own.



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  • Carl Smith & Jeffrey McLaurin 2014/09/162:38 PM

    Hey All You Zombie Slayers,

    We hope that you’ll enjoy this premiere episode from our upcoming web series “Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer.”

    Over these past few years our original short film of the same title has traveled the west coast film festival circuit, from Los Angeles to San Jose, and worldwide via the internet.

    As residents of San Diego we prefer to use local talent, and keep our shooting locations right here within our own community. We also feel it important to support local film festivals just the same, which is why we wanted to premiere episode “DAY 57” just for Miguel’s Horrible Imaginings Film Festival. You will be the first audience who has ever seen one of the upcoming episodes.

    This great cast of talented kids deserve our recognition, as they have worked tirelessly over school breaks and weekends to create this episode. This entire endeavour has been a collaborative effort of helping each other achieve all of our goals in making film.

    As directors, we thank our entire cast and crew for helping make our dreams come true.

    Carl & Jeffrey

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