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2013, Spain, 17 mins

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Two people appear locked in a mysterious train running flowing through a dark tunnel. They do not know how they got there and soon discover that the situation is much worse than they had imagined. To escape they have a deadly challenge: a gun with a single bullet. How far would they be willing to go?


Dafnis Balduz

Javier Beltran 

 2. Fotograma

Dídac - Director

DIRECTOR DIDAC CERVERA CASADEMONT has always had a vocation for the cinema. He has a degree in “Audiovisual and live shows” and a university degree in cinematography at the “ESCAC” (upper school of Catalonia cinema and audiovisuals). Thus far, he has made ​​a total of ten short films, several documentaries, and has made the TV series “Marhaba,” filmed in Morocco and issued by the XTVL. He has also worked as a screenwriter, writing several seasons of the TV series “Diaris of viatge,” which was released by the XTVL. All his projects have been recognized in national and international festivals. During these years, he has won a total of 10 awards and has been selected for a total of 50 festivals. Among the awards, he received the project award “SNC films,” endowed with €15,000. 

Didac recently co-wrote and co-directed the film “The Innocents,” produced by ESCANDALO films, which is in the post-production process. It premiered at the Sitges Film Festival 2013 and currently has international presales. He works as a freelance director and camera operator. 

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