2014 Horrible Imaginings Films: Insane

2014, Canada, 19 mins

INSANE_Vertical Poster_LOW

A young, talented director on a location scout in the abandoned psychiatric hospital of a rural community inadvertently awakens the ghost of a tormented soul seeking retribution.


Shannon Lahaie: Sarah Davis
Andrew Fleming: Chad Winchester
Meghan McNicol: Mary Weaver


Adam O'Brien

DIRECTOR ADAM O'BRIEN is a director and producer who has evolved in the movie business for almost 15 years. He started as a technician on multiple productions and moved his way up to direction. He did commercials, music videos, television, and films. Many of his shorts have been very well received in over 30 film festivals around the world, and they include LOSS (2009), BLOODBATH (2011), and A LITTLE OFF THE TOP (2012). In 2013, Adam had the opportunity to direct 26 episodes of a 3D-animated TV show called "Jerry and the Raiders," where he had the chance to use motion capture, game engines, and a new technology created by Fake Studio. He has always been attracted to the Horror and Sci-Fi genres, so in 2014 he directed and produced INSANE, a short horror film exploring some true events that occurred in an old 1925 sanatorium. The film has started its festival tour, and has been nominated for Best Horror Short and Best Actress.