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2013, Spain, 12 mins

A veces viene - Cover

 Fears and thoughts. Noise and shadows. A presence on the other side, across the door. Hair goes up, phone hangs up, friends are gone, lights are off–are you sure you are alone? From a personal childhood terror, Felix Llorente wrote the script vibrantly fast to keep the essence of fear and let the tension push the lone character forward. 




Maria Pedroviejo



DIRECTOR FELIX LLORENTE has shot shorts since he was twelve years old: “Magicos” (1988), “There’s Nothing” (1992), “Hijo de Miedo” (1994), among others. His passion for images led him to graduate in Image and Sound at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He also studied cinema in Madrid and Los Angeles. For more than fifteen years he has worked in the production of well-known TV programs and series at TVE (Spanish national public television). Currently, he works at TVE Studios in Madrid.  

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