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2008, Italy/Spain, 5 mins

puzzle poster

There is always a piece in the puzzle of your life that does not fit.

Shot in just one day for only 300 Euros, THE PUZZLE has been broadcast on “Coming Soon Television” & “Channel 24” (Italian TV), on “PTV Málaga” (Spanish TV) and on “Monster Channel” & “Indie Horror TV” (American TV). It has been included in “The Dark Cinema” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2379018/fullcredits#directors), an American horror anthology TV series hosted by the actor Bill Oberst Jr. (his performance in ‘Take this Lollipop’ was awarded a 2012 Daytime Emmy Award). 




Cachito Noguera: Mother

Alessandro Fornari: Son


Davide Melini 3

DIRECTOR DAVIDE MELINI was born on April 9, 1979 in Rome. His career officially started up in 2004 and, until now, he has directed 4 short films: “Extreme Love” (2006), “The Screenplay” (2006), “The Puzzle” (2008) and “The sweet hand of the White Rose” (2010). In his career he has also worked as an assistant director in the British-American TV series “Rome” (2004/2005), in the movie “Three on the road” (2006), by Roberto Cimpanelli and in “Mother of Tears: The Third Mother” (2007), by Dario Argento. Both “The Puzzle” and “The sweet hand of the White Rose” have won many international festival awards and they received excellent critics worldwide from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Greece, Hungary , Poland, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and Japan. In July 2012, the well-known American website “Dr. Terror Blog of Horror”, presented the “Italian Horror Week: The Rebirth of the Italian Horror Empire” including Davide Melini as one of the best Italian filmmakers of this genre. 

In January 2013, the famous American website “Creepercast” presented the best director of horror movies around the world. “Creepy Horror Bites: The Independent Short Horror Film Director You Should Know Vol. 2” pays tribute to Davide Melini and his short films. 

Melini is currently working on his next short film, a dark “giallo” called “Deep Shock”. The film is announced for 2015.

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