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2014, USA, 13 mins

kira poster

With a penchant for human flesh, Kira will not only seduce you, she’ll eat your heart out… Featuring the music of horror maestro Harry Manfredini (composer of Friday the 13th, Swamp Thing, and oh so many more!), “Kira” is sure to send chills down your spine long after you’ve experienced it!




Carla Belnap: Kira

Stephen Kramer Glickman: Doctor

Alyssa LeBlanc: Detective Jones

Hiram Gonzalez: Man

Chris Bailey: Detective Smith



DIRECTOR SHAUN M. MENZIE was born December 3, 1979 moved to L.A. to pursue acting in 2006. After a few years of acting, Shaun began to produce some independent movies.  In 2011, he had a successful run with the award-winning “Victorville Massacre,” which received distribution. After that project, Shaun wanted to take it a step farther, taking his love of horror and creating his own dark vision.  With help from Jake Blakeman’s short “Room 208,” he wrote, produced and directed his first project “Kira.”



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