2014 Horrible Imaginings Films: SINNSIDE

2014, Spain, 13 mins

sinnside poster


A macabre fairy tale in which main characters are seven kids whose souls will be the main dish for a group of adults sitting at a bizarre restaurant.


JOSÉ SOLER: Cocinero - Cook

RAMÓN OROZCO: Camarero - Waiter

CRISTINA MARTÍNEZ: Camarera - Waitress

BELÉN RIQUELME: Adulto 1 - Adult 1

ÁNGEL DE MIGUEL: Adulto 4 - Adult 4

SASHA MARINI: Adulto 7 - Adult 7

ENRIQUE VICTORIA: Adulto 3 - Adult 3


sinnside girl



DIRECTOR MIGUEL ÁNGEL FONT BISIER (Valencia, SPAIN, 01/29/1987) Is an award winning director whose work spans the world of cinematic storytelling. As an accomplished violinist, he is known for the original soundtracks that grace his films. Fluent in Spanish, German, English and Italian, started out directing short films and music videos. His breakthrough came with the Eiénesis international fashion film trilogy. Later on he moved into horror genre with Llagas, supported by Paco Plaza (REC saga co-director) which was premiered at Sitges Festival 2012. Sinnside is his last film, also premiered at Sitges 2013.