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Hello to all you fans of macabre film and art. I can’t believe it is going to be June of 2014 in just a couple of hours. The months have flown by, and I look back with such pride at all the films I have brought to San Diego since the last Horrible Imaginings Horror Film Festival in San Diego, along with my partners in The Film Geeks, Shot by Shot, and Schlockfest. From Contracted to Birth of the Living Dead to We Are What We Are to The Devils and more, I feel like the mission of Horrible Imaginings has been going strong. We are bringing the very best in independent horror to San Diego, as well as reviving some undeniable classics. 

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In fact, you may not have heard me mention Horrible Imaginings much lately. I think that is partly because The Film Geeks et al have been so successful at the same endeavors I had in mind when starting Horrible Imaginings. I even entertained the notion of letting Horrible Imaginings just get absorbed into the other film events I am involved in. It was once I voiced that notion to my colleagues and friends that I realized it was not the right thing to do. 

No, it has been made clear to me by the attendees of the festival in years past, as well as by some of the programmers and directors of other San Diego filmmakers I’ve been blessed to call my partners in crime, that Horrible Imaginings has an important role to play in San Diego film culture. It may still be a small festival, but it is one that people have found deserving of attention and importance. People who may not have normally even considered horror to be worthy of their attention. People like the San Diego Opera, Cinema Junkie, PacArts, The Latino Film Festival, FilmOut San Diego, The San Diego Public Library System, KPBS, Frequency Film Festival, The University of California San Diego, San Diego Roller Derby, and a whole host of film festival pass holders who found themselves at a horror festival for the first time. 


It is their stories that keep Horrible Imaginings undead, and it is for them and all the filmmakers toiling to tell their stories that I’m honored to announce that Horrible Imaginings Film Festival will take place at the Digital Gym Cinema on October 10, 11, and 12 of 2014. We are proud to be San Diego’s first and on-going film festival dedicated to macabre art and film! 

Click HERE to find out how to submit your film! Click HERE to join our mailing list! Until next time, STAY SCARED!

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