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#70: Chat with ASSASSINS director Mike Bonomo

Hello everybody, A few weeks ago, I saw a 9-minute short that I found very interesting. It starred Bill Oberst, Jr. and took a bit of a risk with it’s talky brand of storytelling. It paid off, though, because it’s a pretty intriguing short. The...

#68: HAIRY BEASTS Month for MOSS (with OVID)

GOOD GOD IT’S THE MYSTERIOUS ORDER OF THE SKELETON SUIT (MOSS)! Fellow Mysterious Order Agent Carol Borden from The Cultural Gutter joins me to discuss our favorite hairy beast in honor of Hairy Beasts month! What is that hairy beast you may wonder? Listen inside to...

#67: Black Flag TV’s SV Bell!

Hello everyone! Remember the days when you could count on some pretty horror-friendly late night TV? Well, SV Bell over at Black Flag TV is trying to recapture those days with his fledgling 24-hour online television station dedicated to horror, exploitation, and independent cinema!  ...