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Get your Night of the Living Dead Charity Prints!

Designed by animator Tyler Ham, director of …Or Treat

For fans of George A. Romero’s revolutionary Night of the Living Dead, The Evans City Cemetery Chapel is a cinematic landmark. Sadly time has taken its toll on this chapel, but, thanks to the efforts led by Gary Streiner, people are coming together to raise money for its restoration and maintenance. This is a very pricey endeavor, but one well worth supporting. You can read more about their efforts here.

Luckily, at the Horrible Imaginings Women in Horror Film Event tomorrow (Feb. 8th) and Saturday, February 11th, we will have copies of the beautiful mock front page news designed by Tyler Ham. All proceeds from the sale of these prints will go directly toward saving the Evans City Cemetery Chapel. Because we know times are tight, these prints will be sold on a sliding scale. This is especially appropriate because Kyra Schon gave us one of the most recognizable women in horror ever:

I also want to offer our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the great Bill Hinzman. Mr. Hinzman was a horror convention regular, always extremely cordial and gracious to his fans, and a real gentleman. He forever has the honor of being pop culture’s first glimpse of the modern zombie, and how memorable he was! Mr. Hinzman passed on February 5, 2012.

Bill Hinzman

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