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Horrible Imaginings Film Makers Roll Call!

CandyMark Bessenger, director of Candy

Mark Bessenger would never tell you this himself, but he is an exceptionally talented filmmaker, no matter what anyone else says. His recent feature film BITE MARKS has played more festivals than staffers fleeing a Republican campaign, and he is considered a filmmaking god among people who hate movies. His mind is appropriately warped from watching horror movies since he was six (although there is no truth to the rumor that his mother chained him to an armoir and made him watch them incessantly–that was the babysitter), and with a sharp snap of his fingers and a raised eyebrow over a glaring ocular orb, he can chill the blood of the unruliest independent actor asking for more money. His words “You’re not giving me what I want!” will shrivel the penis of any male on set, but the follow-up of a gentle laugh will ease the tension before he begins stapling nipples to chins. In his spare time, Mark pretends he is Godzilla, making any three-year-old’s Lego city structure fair game. He is currently writing a spec script for an upcoming TV series, the screenplay for his next feature and a novel, but–ha!–don’t think he’s going to let YOU read them.

His short film CANDY, which was shot with lunch money stolen from school children, was done for a lark but fooled enough people so that it has been shown at a half-dozen film festivals and has found home video distribution. CANDY, making its California premiere at Horrible Imaginings, continues Mark’s trend of making gay-themed dark comedies that make you think of innocuous things in new, interesting, twisted ways that may turn you on while repulsing you, thereby forever ruining something you have always found pleasurable. You’re welcome.

Mark Bessenger

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