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Horrible Imaginings Film Makers Roll Call!

Lori BowenLori Bowen, director of JustUs

Lori Bowen is an award-winning horror filmmaker from Sarasota, Florida. Though she took a few film classes in high school and one semester of college, she’s autodidact, having taught herself how to write, direct, produce, shoot, and edit her films when a traditional film school proved too expensive.

She’s loved the horror genre since she first saw Cujo at the tender age of six, but it was the mixture of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street and its strong heroine, Lucio Fulci’s The Gates of Hell with its strong imagery, and George A. Romero’s Dead Cycle with all the freakin’ zombies, all seen when she was around eight years old, that made her want to make horror movies.

JustUs, which will be shown as part of the 2011 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, is her fifth narrative short film. It features the voice of the lovely Brinke Stevens! You can find out more about her work by visiting her blog: http://kimyoo-films.blogspot.com


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