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Horrible Imaginings Film Makers Roll Call!

Kevin PerkinsKevin Perkins, Director of the commercial Billy Bob’s Medicine Show and Zombie Huntin’ Emporium and the work in progress MY BORING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

Kevin Perkins is a filmmaker from Maryland, and the veteran of a thousand psychic wars. He loves John Carpenter. Sometimes he thinks he IS John Carpenter, but the meds largely help with that. His first short, Billy Bob’s Medicine Show and Zombie Huntin’ Emporium (often referred to as Billy Bob, for brevity) recently took first place in the 2nd Annual Best of the Silver Scream Film Festival, earning him a trophy, the respect of dozens and all the envy, power, fame and glory that comes with such a prestigious award.

BILLY BOB was shot mostly in one day on location in Maryland, and 99% of the guns in the short are real. The bullets, however, were blanks. The zombies we’re not sure about. They just showed up, unannounced.

Billy Bobs

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