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Horrible Imaginings Film Makers Roll Call!

Show meDavid Schneider, director of Show Me

Writer/Director David Schneider began his career in the film industry immediately following graduating from Emerson College in Boston, and moving to L.A. After stints in the art department on various films, learning the ins and outs of production, he began making a living as a writer, selling screenplays to Touchstone, Warner Brothers, Jerry Bruckheimer, the Arts & Entertainment Network, and others.

After a stint writing children’s animation for DiC (a division of Disney), David made the logical leap to directing music videos for the German market. That led to his first short film, Hate* (*a comedy), a dark comedy about a man being hunted by his next-door neighbor (who just happened to be a chicken). Hate was purchased by HBO/Cinemax, and led to David’s first feature film directing job, helming his own screenplay, Stark Raving Mad, starring Seann William Scott, Dave Foley, Adam Arkin, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

His next major project, started during the writer’s strike of several years ago, and leading him to where he is today, was Fewdio, a troupe of horror filmmakers. Fewdio specializes in short-form horror, with less of an emphasis on blood and gore, and more on psychologically-based scares. He is extremely proud of “Show Me”, his lastest short, an ambitious period piece, about the horrors of a once-famous Vaudeville family falling apart and haunted (literally?) by ghosts of their past.

David Schneider

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