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Horrible Imaginings Film Makers Roll Call!

Dave RedaDave Reda, director of My Undeadly

Dave Reda sometimes known as Zombie Dave, director of the feature horror film BIT PARTS, and the festival hit HORROR OF OUR LOVE: A SHORT FILM, is very excited to bring his latest zombie short film MY UNDEADLY, starring the lovely Scream Queen Michelle Tomlinson, to the HORRIBLE IMAGININGS FILM FEST!! Dave, grew up in northern California where he honed his craft doing film, commercials, theater, and renting every horror movie he could from the video store across the street… Also schooled in horror and film from his family, Dave strives to make modern horror films with a soul and classic feel…” We make you laugh but we’ll make you scream too!!”, Dave often says, when being fitted for his straight jacket…

Find more from Dave Reda at www.elftwinfilms.com

My Undeadly

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