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Horrible Imaginings Film Makers Roll Call!

Bob RoseBob Rose, Director of Star Beast

A self-proclaimed non-pretentious filmmaker, Bob Rose is the Co-writer, Director, DP, and Editor of STAR BEAST, his two-minute surrealist short about creation. Materializing from organic matter in the 1980’s, in a small, slightly moist, corner of Baltimore Maryland, Bob decided to devote his entire meager existence to the art and propagation of film. He has been known to work on a handful of big productions, and a large-mutated-handful of small productions ranging from multi-thousand dollar budgets to multi-dollar budgets.

In the last few years his work, and productions he’s worked on, have been featured on The Food Network, Aint It Cool News, NPR and Joblo.com. He was even lucky enough to film and work with John Waters (for 25 minutes…IT COUNTS!)Mr. Rose’s influences include Joe Dante, John Carpenter, John Landis, John McTiernan, Robert Zemeckis, Paul Verhoven, Shane Black, The Coen Brothers, Tim and Eric (Awesome Show, Great Job!) and Clint Eastwood.

If none of his highest film aspirations come to pass, Bob plans to become a complete industry whore, he will turn on everything he knows and loves to become a sellout hack that thrives on making live-action movies about talking animals. He is currently in the running to direct Spring Break Chihuahua.

Star Beast

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